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  • im using the release candidate 5.0 version right now. The 4.0 release version was giving me low FPS in Twin Snakes, upgrading to the 5.0 version nearly doubled that, i guess it makes better usage of DX12's API or something but the difference was huge. Same for PCSX, im getting a lot better frame rates in the newer development versions. Even on my modest laptop PS2 and GC emulation is working 100% now, maybe not at 4X native :p but its good enough that i won't need to use the PS3's PS2 emulator etc anymore.
    CT bro, i tried Dolphin for the first time today and it seems to be running pretty good on my laptop, so i'm wondering if you can help me point to some things to get wii stuff working, only game i tested so far is MGS Twin Snakes and that seems to be running at a solid 60 FPS at 2x Native, so I guess i might be able to squeeze in Xenblade Chronicles with lower settings on my modest laptop.

    Do I need a wiimote ? or can i bypass it ? what else do i need to know
    You stepping down is like ending a MGS saga. Hell of a run. Always going to appreciate the support you gave back when I was in Team PG.

    Looking forward to all the discussion you get involved in now since you're a free man (!) (y)

    Man, and to think they were shitting on DriveClub. LOL

    They should rename the game to Project Delays :p
    I never knew he had such a fetish for that chick :p

    Not surprised to see him attempting to grab such things in real life too. Speaks ton about the kind of man he is IRL :tv:
    This is even more hilarious. When is he planning to borrow his friend's GPU? Perhaps when Witcher 3 releases (lmao)
    CT when you play a PC game using a PS4 controller, do you get full game music/audio from the PS4's audio port when it is connected wirelessly?
    oh i see you are playing D4..is it good and worth the money? Especially when compared to TTG titles like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us
    Can you tell me about the regions on Xbox One games? I'll be getting the console on Monday and will be getting Forza Horizon 2. I've noticed that these games are either region 1 or 2. So how do I know which one to purchase?
    It was great.But they had less stuff this year.
    They didn't had AC:Unity,instead they had AC:Rogue.
    I couldn't try 3 major games there :< like bloodborne,far cry 4 and AC:Rogue and also missed The Order: 1886's hands-off demo because of the crowd,time and one of us got sick.
    We had to wait more than an hour in line to try Until Dawn :/
    Missed som good stuff
    wow i just read ur VM from last month :p

    i only have this to say "prepare to be disappointed in getting me prepared to be disappointed". with witcher, NOTHING can go wrong :geralt:
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    O Osama-Influx-01: how can I post my classified add?