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  • Hey bruski!

    How's life treating ya?

    Sorry couldnt respond back in December, was knee deep in financial ruin lel
    How you liking the new forums :D
    Oh yeah, about Traderscore, Message nanow, he'll fix it up.

    Some front end and back up sync issue. :D
    Should be sorted out soon.
    Gaming kr rahay hu? konsay Platform pei
    Aj kal PS3 lia hai. Purani games khelne me gussa wa hun.

    Its quite nostalgic, even though I never spent much time on PS3 last gen, only X360 lol
    Go like this...
    Would you care to go for 3K Per game every few weeks and be able to play online and access social features.
    Would you just play a game for free and let it rest until you find something else to play on it again later?

    Think about that, and the answer lies within your question.
    For me personally, i wanna stay legit.
    It just has a nice ring to it.... Despite a financial crisis but i can still afford a single game every month atleast, thankfully.
    Life has started beating me with more than 10 chapals lately. My Motherboard died and I sold everything out of sheer madness that I couldnt control. Now i'm PC-Less and cant afford one because thank you crypto-currency. Only got PS4 right now and so far... its going O K.

    I agree with the exclusives part, bought it mainly for that and turns out...
    This entire generation of consoles is shallow as hell, there is not much apart from a FEW good games here and there.
    and the rest is just remastered/remakes that are filling up the catalog.

    I miss the PS2 days with 100s of games and so much to look forward to, heck even PS3 had a good run in terms of library...

    My only plan with PS4 is now to turn it into a primary gaming thing, guess im going mutli-plat MP games now.
    BF1 is on sale so will get that soon once I sell my shitty Horizon Zero Dawn, until then I'm stranded as hell. And hoping to sell it as fast as i can so i can get BF1.
    Looks like you need to use https link to be able to use it right now.
    Just turn your http into https on the URL heading.
    SSD isnt THAT important.
    I mean if you value 2 seconds of loading time. Sure.
    other than that, conventional harddrives are just fine for a guy whos not rich. lol.

    Trust me. No need for it.
    So you're PSU is fault, if you're sure you can use the other PC with the 1060. :D

    Now, Are you absolutely sure your 390 is dead? :x
    Ofcourse RMA will work.
    The operations dude will help you out, these Sapphire GPU's carry 3 year warranty. (or did)

    if the PSU is faulty, why would you wanna use it on another system? :p
    thats kinda risky.

    is your 1060 working on the other PC?
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