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  • Going to have to check with one of the group admins. There may be a way to invite via link.

    Necro isn't in the group btw :p

    It was mainly created to rally up people for CoD mp sessions, but ultimately also became a discussion group.
    Sure look up how it works if its possible or do I simply just give you my Windows credentials or something :p
    Oh i assumed it's on my friend's list. That must be it. I can try logging in now but verification code will be required.
    Example scenario: a permanent resident to the US creates an account in Spain
    If your permanent residence is in the United States and you created a Steam account while traveling in Spain, you will not be able to set United States as your store country until you have returned home. To complete purchases while traveling in Spain, you will need to use a Spanish payment method or Steam Wallet Code.

    As far as Steam is concerned, you are traveling indefinitely :p
    Dude its not illegal.
    Games from both account are showing because you have Steam installed on the same machine. Try to install Steam on a different PC where you've never used your previous account to confirm.
    But looks like it worked. Sales aren't over. Grab the games quickly
    I assume your region will be switched to the wallet funds. But its worth a shot. Lemme know how it goes.
    Your best bet is (just suggesting the site Ive personally used). The closer a game gets to release, the higher the price will keep going.
    If you make a new account and use a top-up card to add Steam Wallet funds, your storefront will be switched to US. Same case if you use your US based credit card.
    You don't have to make a new account as long as you have a working credit card based on the country you wish to change your storefront country to.
    Yeah, that would be me. :p
    Like I said, I have a Pakistan local paying method on file so I never had to change my store country. Im still buying games from the Paki store.
    In your case, id have to change the country to Pak and buy the game for you through your Steam account.
    Yeah, it's probably the RAM. I have the default 1x 8GB that came with the laptop. Should upgrade it. Star Citizen doesn't even boot into the persistent universe on this thing because it says I don't have 16GB RAM :p

    Now that you mention it, it's usually the Xbox games that give me problems. Sea of Thieves runs fine for the most part, but it occasionally stutters much like FH3. Haven't encountered the issue in any other game.
    It runs between 50-60fps on my laptop, bur when the frame rate drops, it comes with some horrible stuttering. It might be a bad install or something.
    Hmmm that's interesting. The game is a known offender when it comes to targeting 60fps, though things have improved since the last patch was rolled out. Perhaps I don't have that installed. Should give it another go, only tried it once on the notebook.
    You should try Forza Horizon 3 lol. Running it at 1080p 60fps is a pain. Had to drop the settings down to a combination of Low/Medium, and even then it had occasional stutters. Though it isn't optimized for 30+fps.

    Yeah, the actual difference in performance between the max-q and regular notebook 1060 isn't much. Definitely a favorable trade-off when you factor in dimensions, weight, and thermals.
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