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  • That's a fantastic deal! I got mine (the regular 128GB SSD + 1TB HDD config) via Amazon around the same time for $899...oh well :p

    Was originally eyeing the Acer Predator, since it's a better deal with an i7 and a non-max q GTX 1060 for $999, but that thing weighs a ton and is apparently notorious for overheating issues.

    Yeah, I went with the i5 config as well. You shouldn't have any major performance bottlenecks. Hyperthreading doesn't offer the same gains as actual physical CPU cores anyways.
    use this repack for Zelda:BOTW, Runs and Works superbly with all DLCs and latest CEMU. I used this one too, just install and play.The Legend of Zelda: BOTW(v 1.4.1,Cemu 1.11.3,Multi6,DLCs) {NORO} >> OaO - Underground Zone
    yes just make a thread, I will post it on mainpage and link it to that thread.
    hello, do u have youtube channel where u upload your gameplay videos ? i like to see some of your gameplay videos. if not i think u should start posting videos as sharing is now v easy with ps4
    Register an account at and then you can get an embed code to use as signature that links to your PSN profile.
    Cool mate cool. Kinda same here, but Australia instead of US.

    Good luck with Trump :D
    Haven't been following the emulation scene as of late. Did the dx12 renderer bring about a noteworthy difference in Dolphin performance? I should give it a try on my laptop.

    And yes, XBC is like the best JRPG of the last-gen, alongside P4. Good to know you're enjoying it. How far in the game, though?
    Oh darn, all this time I had confused Zestiria with Xillia, thinking the PS4 was getting a quick port this month. Huge fan of Vesperia - the characters, the skits - it was one of my fav. rpgs from last-gen. Though, I've heard Xillia is kind of so-so-ish. Played that?

    Yeah, I'm super hyped for Transformers Devastation, been a G1 fan since I was little. Good to know bullet time is in. I read it also has Revengeance's 'press forward to parry' mechanic. How's the enemy variety outside of the Decepticon bosses? Been seeing the same kind of regular enemies in the trailers.
    That's awesome! I guess now would be a good time to visit all the PS2-era JRPGs that I missed after switching over to the PS3. One in particular that I really want to play is Rogue Galaxy.

    Speaking of JRPGs, have you played Tales of Zestiria on the PS3 by any chance? If so, is it any good?
    Hey, just saw your message. The wiimote is only needed for games that makes extensive use of its gyroscope functionality (e.g. the Metroid Prime games). Otherwise, games that rarely use it are playable with a controller. You can map motion gestures to button inputs via Dolphin's button configuration.

    Regarding Xenoblade Chronicles, this here should get you up to speed with the optimal settings:

    Use Dolphin version 4.0-6800 or higher for best results with the game.
    Bro Thankyou so much for a detailed answer i am very greatful for that, gonna try and respond to you soon, Sorry could'nt reply earlier as i was busy with my final year papers , Now there no strings attached :p
    Chandoo, Kindly help me clear my ambiguity bro i saw you posted on Otto's thread that PSN games can be played on jail broken ps3

    Bro I am searching hard to play these two games on ps3 but could not find a reliable torrent or download for them, Also i dont know how to run them and I will Really Appreciate if you can guide me through the process i posted in ps3 homebrew thread but no one replied....

    1 Ratchet: Deadlocked for PlayStation 3 Reviews - Metacritic


    These are both PSN games, Once again bro Kindly help me replay childhood's favorite games.
    breh, where do you get your PS3 games from? Can't find any site with a consistent amount of games. =/
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