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  • Salam bro I wanted to know that do u know anything about this new up the bio ware is developing I have checked many sources but couldn't find anything solid any info on this would be appreciated thx in adv
    Yeah I am here. Although was been around, not much active on the gaming scene due to other priorities piling up in life. Although have been getting the new games , didnt get much time to play em. The latest ones I got are :

    1. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
    2. Evil Within
    3. Alien

    Contact me if you need others , maybe can fix some time to get it done.
    I am on landline if u can call ? or place me your number, will call u ... inbox kar do
    The controller looks good for sure. As for PlayAsia, they do deliver here in Pakistan from what I have seen, so it won't be messed unless customs decided to do some shit :p

    P.S one of the reviews mention lack of touchpad (for PS4). While I rarely use the Touchpad on the actual PS4, I think this might be an issue (if you have plans in the future :p) Other than that, it looks pretty good for its price.
    While DS 4 is a good controller, it won't work with all the games. The latest update made it compatible wirelessly with the PS3 but there is no 100% support for PS3 games with DS 4.

    So only buy it if your games are compatible with it. I personally just use the PS3 controller instead.
    Lol. Your screens are better for sure. Is there any DOF effect on PS3 at all. It looked really great on PS4/PC and if it was removed from PS3, it would suck. You never posted any screen of the alien finder device.
    I was gonna share them on GAF but thought they might suspect me too :p.

    As for GearNuke, I should have made an article when there was time, now Videogamer already covered it so kind of useless :p.

    There is another way though. Give me your images in a shareable link on minus/ I will share them on reddit and then you can link to them as source on GAF.
    Thanks. Will check it out. Although personally waiting for the PC version since the PS3/X360 version really look...... worse.. than the preview footage that we have seen so far :p
    You might get them eventually if you have zero hit and runs and >=1 ratio.

    I have no idea what happened to my account with 2 TB upload. Whenever I login into it, I get redirected to some forums with the message that I don't have permission or something.
    I need a BCG invite :/

    Seems like I have lost mine. Whenever I login into my account, I am presented to a weird forums page and not the actual site.

    I thought the site closed down after the latest hack but you seem to still have access to it.
    Sounds like you are all set with PS3 to last you another 2-3 years :p

    Thanks for the advice. I do use PS2 classics manager but enver knew that i was much more simple to do it in that way. Will definitely try out Outbreak 1 and finally play File-2, both of whom I loved. Remaster is coming soon and then Revelations 2. FF XV and MGS V info blowout at TGS and two RE games as well. This was truly a god tier TGS :D
    Also wanted to ask about Outbreak. I played it way back on PS2 with long ass load times. Finshed the first part and never found a working copy of File-2, lol. Are the games perfectly playable on PS3? Did you find converted ISOs or converted to PS3 yourself?
    Yeh, the game still holds up well. I always found the combat enjoyable. It was mainly the story and the weak lead character that just didn't make it that memorable to me.

    I bet the PC version won't really have much of a difference compared to the PS3 version except for the option to Super Sample and run at 60 fps. Hopefully PS3 FMVs are included since I don't want to repeat the game with 360 version FMVs. In that case, I'd rather replay on PS3 instead.
    The other reason why I am going to replay FF XIII is because I originally played it on *drumroll* SDTV, lol. It was basically equivalent to playing a prettier version of a PS2 game.
    Yeh man. I have the unfortunate experience of copying whole BR from RE 6 and TLOU. It was bad.

    And just like you, I have a single 1 TB Portable HDD but it is FAT 32 and hence I usually don't bother copying games that are larger than 4+ GB. FTP is a pain in the ass to me now :p
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