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  • Can the Sony KDL-55HX850 passes 5.1 through the Op... - Sony's Community Site

    According to this thread even the high end Sony model does not output DTS 5.1. I couldn't find any option for it in the TV settings.
    Salam. A friend is looking for a new laptop which he can use for his online writing job and he is now considering getting one that can play the latest games as well. Could you please suggest the best gaming laptops that he can get in the range of Rs. 100,000 which are also easily available in Pakistan?

    His HP ran into heating problems and it would turn off by itself so he now prefers a gaming laptop that is stable and wont run into problems like that while being able to handle work and games.
    It is indeed horrible version. I have played all versions of the game on all platforms.
    I've noticed a weird quirk with the TV. If I put a HD video file with surround sound support in a USB and play it back on my TV with it connected to my home theatre, the receiver says PCM and plays back only via 2 channels no matter what. The TV does say 'DTS surround' when I play the file, but it's PCM stereo on the receiver.
    However when I connect the USB to my HTPC connected via the same optical cable and play it back on Windows Media player, it plays back in proper DTS surround. Any clue?
    i had to manually set the scaling. absolute pain in the ass. btw do tell me the custom display settings for the TV
    Hey I'm having a bit of an issue with my Sony 46W700. When connected to a PC the edges of the screen are cut off a little. I cant figure out what's causing this. It's connected via HDMI on an Intel HD graphics card.
    Well it looks as if someone really doesn't want me to get this model. It's not available anywhere in Islamabad/Pindi. The only other alternative to this is the 48W600 and the Samsung 46F6400.
    Also do you recommend getting it from an official dealer or an online shop like Shophive or Homeshopping? The price difference is significant in some cases (around 7-8k)
    42W800B is around 20k more expensive than the 40F6400. Worth the price difference? 3D is a bonus, not a priority. And neither is gaming.

    Also, is a F6400 a considerable improvement over a 40EX400?
    Hey. Asked you about suggestions for TV upgrade a while back. Currently have a Sony 40EX400. You said the W670 series is an ideal upgrade. What about a 42W800B? It's for around 100k. And what do you think about the Samsung 40 F6400 which is for around 80k?
    I am trying to get rid of PS3. So playing all exclusives I have with me right now :)

    Maybe this comes in handy when inevitable remakes are done and those who have played the games on PS3 get some discounts. I dont think PSN is this generous but it never hurts to try.
    So if i want to buy Crysis 3 SE which is of 500 Indian RS right now. They will charge 820 Pakistani RS ? :/
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