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  • Hello again.

    I hope all's well.

    Managed to find a 55-inch Samsung KS8500 in Islamabad.

    Not sure if the TV's speakers would be sufficient for sound as I cast Netflix using Apple TV, so are there any bang-for-buck channel 2.1 speakers or a soundbar compatible with the panel that you could suggest?
    Hi. Stumbled upon your posts in the TV buying thread and learned that you got yourself the Samsung 60KS8000.Needed to confirm where exactly in Rawalpindi/Islamabad you got the panel from since I plan on buying a 55-inch variant after having ticked TCL and cheaper Samsung KU7000 panels off my list (decided to wait and save up to Rs. 200,000).
    Hey man. DSM1 asked me sooner but I was so swamped with so much stuff to do that it totally escaped my mind. Could you please co-ordinate with him about the charging case thing. He wanted a giveaway or a return or something? I'm unsure, but he keeps asking me every few months about it and I keep forgetting. Please let me know when you guys sort it out.

    Thanks =)
    Yeah, don't worry about the game region with the Xbox One. No matter what region your game or console is, it'll run fine. And you'll also be able to purchase DLC for your game from the Xbox Live Marketplace belonging to any region. Basically, Xbox One games are truly region free, unlike PS4 games (where DLC is locked to the region of the game itself).

    Only blu-ray movies are region-locked. If your console was sold in North America, then it will run Region A blu-ray movies. If it was sold in Europe, then Region B, and so on.
    it runs bluray right ? if so than bluray is region free so games wont matter but bluray movies region would..
    Apologies for the late reply. Had been browsing PG via my tapatalk, so didn't have access to my VMs.

    Regarding your query, in the TV Sound settings there's an option to change the Digital Audio Out from PCM to DTS. Have you done that?
    The first thing you need to do is go into Display > Screen, and make sure that the display area is set to 'Full Pixel'.

    If this still doesn't resolve your issue, you'll need to go into the hd graphics control panel and make sure that it's outputting at the same resolution as the display i.e. 1080p.
    That's great. Let me know if you need help with the picture settings. The default settings are mostly great, but some minor tweaks to the white balance can produce even better results.
    Official dealers often offer an extended 2-year warranty plan, so you should find out if that's the case for the TV you get. If not, then Shophive/homeshopping are good options.
    Even if gaming and 3D aren't a priority, the W800B offers better picture quality, color accuracy, as well as better options for improved motion clarity over the F6400. However, whether these factors are worth the the additional 20K is more of a personal decision that you should make when you've seen both panels. If possible take some bluray movie along on a usb, and run it on both (default Cinema mode on the Sony panel, and Movie mode on the Samsung panel).
    Yeah, the W650/W670 was the best non-3D Sony HDTV from 2013's lineup. Now that the 2014 lineup is available, the 42W800B offers the best value for money at present. It offers the exact same features as the TV I got last year (42W800A), including 3D, and costs 50K less. I'm not a fan of the stand, though, but that's just an aesthetic shortcoming. Definitely go for it. You get 2 extra inches of panel space over the Samsung F6400, and the picture quality and 3D experience is also better. Being passive 3D, it's very practical - 3D glasses are very cheap (the ones you get from the local cinema work fine), no headaches, no eyestrain, no flickering, and most importantly little to no crosstalk.
    Quite favorably. It's much better for gaming, while the picture quality is on par with Samsung's 2013 7-series panel. Plus, the Sony W670 edges out with better color reproduction.
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