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  • Lol. Then what was your previous reply about not coming if its Sunday. Yeah timings are set to 1Pm. Din din mein farigh :p
    Assalam ulikum. So mate what are your plans? Coming this time at PG meetup.? Will update confirmed member list if you are joining.
    like i'm running the 1600Mhz kit at 1866 Mhz right now. i just give it a smalll bump in voltage and testing the stability now to see how it goes. it also depends on how god your ram is tho
    well speed isnt the only thing to ram stability. ram timings need to be losened with the speed to sompensate and fine tune the stability. also you may have to raise the voltage slightly from 1.5 to 1.55 or 1.60v to keep it stable at speeds like 1400 or 1600 so try losening the timings a little and give it a slight voltage bump.
    Heh thanks, it's actually on the way from the US. Should have it in the next week or so. Will post an unboxing first, then get the achievement as well :)

    Btw, how'd GamersDay go? Did you get your hands on AC: Unity or Far Cry 4?
    lol k. i'll come back if u people want me to.

    but this dharna thing looks like its going towards success xP
    Okay so i actually tried to drive a car today and then got some coffee.
    And i went to a store where i can buy those tickets for that gaming convention but they still haven't received the tickets :/
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    XPremiuM XPremiuM: Another trashy performance by Pakistan cricket team. This team won't bring any cups home anytime...
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