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  • Thankyou very much CT Bhai, got Bloodborne GOTY edition for just 17.5$ payment through prepaid wallet balance this deal was unreal as bloodborne GOTY is sold for 4000/-
    Is it possible that you buy this game for me and ill ATM you the money please... I searched market but coudnt find Bloodborne GOTY and where they were selling they were charging an absurd amount of money
    Also can you tell me how PSN Wallet works? since i newly created this account i dont know how this works. I am looking for 20$ Wallet Balance for PSN USA based
    Aslm O Alikum

    CT bhai can you kindly guide me please, sometime ago i asked you about US Based oregon Account of PSN. Today is saw Bloodborne GOTY edition flash sale of 17.5$ and i created an account with US region and Oregon and state, Problem is I cant use AlFalah credit card to buy the game it always gives me error the credit card number is incorrect, can you kindly guide me what to do? Sale ends on 20-02-2017
    Wonderful info CT bhai really really helpful :salute::salute: i am going to do exactly what you told me and thankyou for wishes i got 1tb 12xx model in 33k condition is excellent
    Aslam O Alikum

    CT bhai got a really good deal on a ps4 and couldnt resist and bought it, Sir can you tell me or share a video to guide how to setup a psn account and purpose of psn account? I am really a newb at this and have no idea
    Aslam O Alikum,
    CT Bro i was waiting for a news about ps4 Neo so i could wait or buy ps4 but eurogames has released an article, What should i do now sir? buy ps4 or wait more...
    Sony confirms PlayStation 4K • Eurogamer.net
    Yeah the DX12 renderer has a notable if not 100% increase type improvement, and im just at the machina village on the fallen hand. The high entia sub plot dragged the story down a lot, all the stuff in the big circle city near the prison island, other then that just the scale and scope of the game are mind blowing especially considering the console it was on, this sort of makes me wanna try xenoblade X now
    dude i dunno if you're still active here or not, but mannnn dolphin emulator is THE SHIT ! .. you may have seen my gushing posts at GAF but i'm running XB: C at 2.5x native resolution on my TV via HDMI and it's the best thing ever (next to HD final fantasy 12 of course).
    haha nope. Never gonna admit I was wrong :crazy:

    Playing Fallout 4 at 60 FPS on high settings does feel pretty good though :tv:
    Man you need to tell me your methods of eavesdropping on conversations like this. I MUST KNOW!!
    No, the english version of Zestiria wont come out till 21st or so, waiting for that, if you're a fan of the Tales games then you're probably going to like it, if not then probably not, cause all the Tales game have basically the same type of art, story, characters just in a different wrapper. If you haven't played a Tales and want to start, DEFINITELY try Vesperia on either 360 or the PS3 (fan translated w/ more content) right now im playing that new P* Transformers game, and they managed to mix in both Revengeance and Bayonetta, it has bullet time and R2 to ninja run (autobot transform in this case). It's a fun little game but the production values make it obvious its a small budget title.

    Rogue galaxy is a great game for sure, it's a bit like Final Fantasy 12 with cell shaded graphics and a bit lesser in scope/story maybe, but otherwise its a great game. The combat is like Dark Cloud, a combo of sword and gun (like a DMC-lite).
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