Why Cancerian girls have unconventional Kinkiness


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Jul 30, 2013
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I would feel ashamed of talking about girls like that if I were you though, especially when you have a sister.
Just saying.

Lets talk about something more mature and worthy of a discussion, shall we?
@Shining Wizard

Please learn to be more responsible and mature. Thanks :p
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Nov 20, 2008
What do you guys think about girls born under cancer star sign are those girls appears to be involved in un-usual kinky behavior tell us your opinions if you do have such type of girl either class mates, friends or girl friends etc
Buddy I let you off easy last time hoping you'd realize your doing but it seems as if you're hellbent on getting banned. Enjoy your time out. I hope you use this time to realise that if something is trashed/deleted the first time, there's a REASON.

Mods aren't stupid and they don't have excess time on their hands to repeatedly deal with the same thread/issue, that too from the same person. I expect you to learn from this ban, because, I promise you, next time will be a much harsher ban.

Kitnay thread band karo gay haar ghar say thread niklay ga

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Banao jitnay thread bananay hain. Phir meray ghar say banhammer niklay ga.
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