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  • Hey bruh. How are you? Can you move my thread from Computer section to mobile marketplace. I accidentally posted it.
    Yo I have a Nikon D3300 in Karachi with warranty upto 2 Sept 2017.
    Full box and accessories.Actually it was with me in Peshawar but I couriered it to my friend so he will bring it to you or you can go to his place to check it.
    Your inbox is full.

    And as for your message:

    Sure, I can help with that.
    So you'll deposit cash into my MCB lite account and you want me to order and ship it to your address?
    Thank you. Not many people approve of my moderation techniques. So it was heartening to hear praise from a very good member :)
    @su 6200
    Whats the battrey timing and whats the final demand for it?
    Salam bro, I hope you are doing good. I needed a favor from you that is if you have made a playlist of all the HD Channels then would you be kinda enough to share it with me via mail or on a uploading site like mediafire, would really appreciate that.
    avast! | Increase Your Protection if you guys would be kind enough to help me get a key aswell! -
    According to PG's avatar & signature rules ... Maximum Limit is 450x130 pixels for your Signatures, with weight <150KB.

    Kindly fix your signature
    If you really are interested in hearign about my case, are mature and old enough, and aren't doing it for lulz and jokes, hit me with a PM and I'll tell you. Won't be mentioning that on the thread because people tend to make a joke out of it.
    Sir, don't expect a reply from me this soon, especially because, I am busy in my exams. It'll be done when it'll be done.
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