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  • Does your G2 getting into download mode or recovery? If it is.. Follow the tutorial and go back to stock. It'll solve the problem. LG G2 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) | LG G2 | XDA Forums
    Don't worry about phone number showing as Unknown. Almost all Korean phones show this behavior. But it should show you "UFone" in the Notification Area, when you drop down the Notification Menu from the top.

    However, if the SIM is not working then it can either be: 1) SIM is old and should be replaced with a new one. 2) Baseband of the phone is corrupt (in which case NONE of the SIMs will work on it).
    How do you mean? I never said to avoid Pantech phones :S

    I just said to avoid those phones with JUST the "SKY" logo, thats it. Those are very cheap phones, and are mostly not worth the price premium.

    That said, not every Korean phone is worth the purchase. Narrow Down your list to only the high end ones.
    1 Year Warranty on HTC Sensation XE seems fishy as the phone is long discontinued
    Its comparatively a better model than than DesireHD, and 15k is a good price for it considering its a dual core handset.

    However, being an older model, there are a lot of refurbished handsets present in the market which watch yourself out there :)
    I only have experience with MK650s so i don't know how good 690s sound.

    I think that 690s only have the Secure Fit kit with it additionally. You know, those different sized caps as per your ear hole size. Rest of the specs of both look exactly the same.
    Still web 5570 or 5670
    i got 5570 1gb for 4k fnf
    and 5670 iceq 512 ddr5 for 6k fnf
    contact me : 0311-2883585
    Im sorry yar, i forgot about your VM.
    Coming to bios updates, when i updated my laptop's bios i lost a lil battery life and gained nothing.
    On the motherboards side, it rectified some problems like the computer wont wake from sleep, auto ocing etc.
    So if it is an update u may do it, i dont think there will be any harm in doing so.
    What are u trying to acheive by this bios update?
    U have a normal video card u trying to mod to a quadro, or u upgrading a quadro.
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