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Sep 3, 2011
USS Voyager

- NO Explicit Images/Pictures/Jokes.

- NO Religious / Racial / Country jokes in any form.

- One-liner posts such as "That's funny" or "hahahahaha" are considered as spam.

Failure to follow the rules will have consequences.

Only ONE warning will be given before a BAN!

Why was my post deleted?

1 – You posted against regulations.

2 – You posted irrelevant, unnecessary comments

3 –You were in an unhealthy unproductive argument.

4 – You replied to a post that was deleted.

5 –You quoted a post that was deleted.

6 –You posted a link that was against regulation.

7 – You posted image, video or other media that was against regulations.

Additional Notes:

- You are requested NOT to post popular jokes/images/memes from Facebook.

- You are requested to report offensive jokes/images and spam.
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Jul 26, 2011

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Oh and by the way, here are the top posters of the last thread.

Heck yeah. (co)

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