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  • i am getting around 10 hours now , on last 2 charges i got 9.5 and 10 hours screen on ..... anyways its excellent
    Please can you tell me how much screen on time u get on the droid maxx? i got around 7 hours from 90% on first charge
    Thanks so much. I ll go through them and download the ones you mentioned in good time, hopefully.

    I remember being recommended Arrow by a friend who said, if I remember correctly, it included a super hero in green, who starred in Justice League and was one who had Batman or Superman in his sights. Sorry if my memory is failing me here but I surely remember this one being suggested. perhaps I should start with this one. :)

    Thanks once more.
    Hello and a happy Eid to you.

    I know for a fact that you follow The Walking Dead. I just watched the premier of the fourth season and I felt it was quite weird for a TV series premier. Didn't you also think so? It really left me rather unsatisfied, the first time a TWD episode that has made me feel that way.

    Secondly, Game of Thrones was the only TV series after TWD that I have watched so far and I gotta say that it has now become a favourite, beating TWD as far as I am concerned. Wanted to know which one/s you would suggest watching after this fourth TWD season.

    PS: I already have Supernatural on download.
    There is already a grand thread for TV shows. Now i really admire how you try to keep posting new topics but unfortunately on PG, these topics don't seem to gather any interest. The news will fare much better in the sticky thread so try to post such news in that thread instead of making a separate topic. However, it is perfectly fine to make a separate thread for some grand popular news etc. But unknown TV shows that don't gather much interest are just lost in the hundreds of other threads.
    Dude, you are doing a really nice job with making threads in movies section but sometimes you double and even triple post. You can always edit your post to add more stuff. Next time, try editing and adding instead of double posting :)
    Good taste in movies you have kind sir, of course referring to the imdb list. *Thumps up*
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