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  • yes sir, everything working very well. nuffin special. pg changing, team changing, time flies quickly.. thinking to get admin in SPM from FAST NU !!!
    Lol you are late now :D already got assigned i guess he got the notification when i transfered the amount he provided the status and pmed me
    but unfortunately PG went down after that
    Hi there can you PM inferno to give me the PG SUPPORTER status i have sent him the amount on his paypal id
    my inbox is full and i cannot send him msg about the submission of donation
    I am in the process of learning microcontroller programming through Arduino (I already know C language a huge deal). In fact our FYP will be mostly Arduino based as well. It will entirely eliminate the huge circuit, and with very simple programming it can be used to make an excellent and much more accurate RPM meter (y).
    It was an analog rpm meter. I used a 555 in monostable mode. A comparator was placed at the output of hall sensor, so that the output of 12V would arrive only when the magnet came in a certain proximity of that hall sensor (the negative peak didn't trigger the 555 circuit). The hall sensor required a magnet to be placed on the shaft. So when the shaft rotates once, the 555 receives the 12V input for the corresponding period of time, and produces a very small unit step output of a time we pre-set. A capacitor at the output smoothed the voltage. An analog (or digital) voltmeter was calibrated and RPMs were read (y). I also tried it in Multisim and it worked there as well.

    The thing is that the IR LED + photodiode didn't have such a good response to a rotating fan above like 300 rpm or so (tried it by checking it through oscilloscope). So Hall sensor was a great alternative because it could read like 80000 rpms easily. :D
    BTW remember when I asked you about Hall Sensors? I made a perfectly working RPM meter using it a few months back. I should have updated you about that shizz when the rpm meter started working :3 Thanks for your help few months back.
    wow just logged on through computer and noticed ur new colors. congrats man that was a wise decision by the admin. i hope this means that ur in for the long haul and wont be leaving team PG anytime soon :)

    Been a long time coming. Though Wajhi let it slip some time ago, everyone knew this was in the books from quite some time now. :D

    Edit: That said, I still think green suits you more. :p
    Yoo otto, you're from EE, right?
    Need a little bit help there.

    I'm trying to design a remote control switch. Lemme know if you can assist with the design :)
    If I'm not mistaken, you made an excel file of the list of uni students and their uniswhen you were handling that section. If you still have that, could you email it to me? Would save me a lot of time on the update and the changes that I want to bring about. :)
    Engineering ka raghra, paired with the old people disappearing resulted it far less activity. :)
    Hoping to dish out a couple of hours every week now. Besides, my section isn't too demanding, so would be the perfect blend, I hope. :)
    Glad to see my favorite moderator back on the team. :)
    Time for blue, though, no? :p
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    Chandoo Chandoo: We need a pg reunion next time the stars align and we're all in Pakistan at the same time ,