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  • Yeah. I think the acceptance rate is that low because they have a much smaller student body. I've seen people with 2300+- get rejected though. :eek:

    Idk man. Maybe. Maybe not. Everyone thinks it's a good idea. I'm still trying to analyze the feasibility :S
    And a friend got into NYU AD. I hear the acceptance rate there is 0.9% :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Oxbridge, none. Surprising. I was expecting the HB to get in. 2 got in from LGS Def.
    AC has Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Columbia, Dartmouth, uPenn, Middlebury, uChicago and a handful in Berkeley. A lot into McGill too. I think around 11-12 :eek:
    This years' been good as far as admissions go for AC IMO. UK admissions were great too, generally, although surprising no one got into Oxbridge. Usually there's always at-least 1.
    Oh haan heard about Farhan MIT.

    What about Oxbridge? Anyone apart from Jazil?


    And McGill is cheaper than UK :p
    You're from JT, right?
    Jazil got into Harvard, Sardar into Stanford. What about the rest? Other top US uni admissions??
    Yeah I know McGill accepts A LOOOOT from Pak :eek:
    I applied to UK with a crap one day PS on 15 Jan. Decided to apply - no, was forced to apply - on 13 Jan :p Applied to Imperial UCL Warwick Manchester Nottingham but I don't think I can meet any of the offers with my grades :p.
    Planning on applying to Turkey etc though first priority would be McGill, but that's pretty damn expensive.
    Not really. I haven't even completed mathematics yet, I am supposed to complete 2 F.Sc. books in 3 months. So, I've only reviewed what I've studied so far, from F.Sc. books only.
    I mean, with AAAC this year, they're saying no scholarship for you bro.
    There's a difference b/w going to a reputed uni and going to a shit uni
    There's also a difference b/w being loaded with money and living a salaried life alongside 2 brothers, with all three in the most expensive school of Lahore that just doesn't want to give scholarships!
    Kya co curriculars bhae? I don't have what it takes to get there -__-\
    It's not that I don't want to tell. I just don't know WHAT to tell :p

    I've no clue mate. You?
    I know I wont be applying to hte UK or Canada. Lets see how thigns pan out.

    Lagta hay jana end may LUMS ya NUST hi hai :/
    I don't have the AS A2 way apart from GP, which is AS only.

    For the rest, not bad. Not bad at all.
    For the upcoming, Organic is rape. The rest will manage. I really don't know how. I guess I'll tackle each thing as it comes because there are way too many variables up in the mix
    i use many jo teez chale , wiziwig.tv,barcelonastream.com,tv.indonewyork.com
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