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  • Hey brother, you mentioned that you own a pair of VR glasses. I have a query, is it possible to use that device as a head gear for recording videos (like the reviewers on youtube) ?
    yes I delted his posts too , I follow 'rules for everyone' rule , so green admin or red admin I would do the same to everyone
    Odesk pe b deisgn k projects pe apply kro, aur freelancer pe b profile bna k bidding kro. IA phir jis pe start hogya use continue kr lena.
    Just saw your thread for sale of LG Optimus G Pro. Just wanted to let you know that it is not E980 AT&T version. It is Korean F240k version (at least the back panel is of F240k).
    Arkonov is an idiot, don't trust what he says about me. I'm not a fan of RE and don't own RE6.

    Sorry but you're gonna have to find someone else.
    hahahaha.. chal khair hai baat gae raat gae :p ho sakta hai us phone mai koi problem ho bhai ny tumhy bataya na ho or deal faiday ki hogae hoo :p B positive :p
    apny hi giratay hain nasheman be bijliyan :p Yaar mai soch raha tha ky tumhy offer de doon us phone kar pr you said 35k ka new hai tu mai ny socha bura lagy ga agr kaam ki offer doon ga tu.

    Tum taqaluf ko bhi ikhals samajhate ho Faraz
    Dost hota nhi har haath milane wala
    ohhhh teri bhaannnnssssssss........ 20-25k taak tu jana tha us ny ...... 12k ka tu to ly laita or apna A10 de daita is sy acha tha.. .BC..
    us sy phone bura lagta hai jab kaam border sy zaida border ki taraf agr banda jae tu :p
    nhi yaar abhi aaon ga sabar or tahmul rakho. Aby yaar chal set hai aik banday ko chahiya tha pg pe q nhi sale kiya ?? waesy yaar 5.5k not bad achi resale hai. Yaar screen ky sides pe border bohat zaida hain :-S
    mar gaya hoon address de do biryani bhejhva daita hoon :p...

    Yaar A10 blezel tu bohat zaida hain :/
    It's not nearly as bad as people make it out to be, obviously not as good as RE4, but few games are. All 3 campaigns are selectable separately, but the total story revolves around all the characters, so you'll have to play the entire game to get the entire story. There's 4 campaigns, one for Ada as well.

    Give it a go, no harm in trying it out.
    CBE T2 highest score in the uni ... and I think in the city too in that attempt. 92% ... this is back in 2007 :p

    Bas 2-3 days before exam I went ballistic on it. F2 and F3 passed with 86% and 78% on same time. As in ... gave both together :p
    Yaar GIO tu mai ny use nhi kiya pr lot better then IDEOS Ram 512 which is a big plus point for this phone but internal memory is only 90mb :( Over all very good and responsive in this price range.
    Waesy abb tu Huawie ka Ascent y200 bhi agya hai with IPS 3.5" just 12k mai :D
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