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  • Hah, I can imagine it might have been weird receiving praise for an age old thread and being sent down memory lane out of the blue by a stranger.

    Though, I do believe that your responses were apt and there's no denying the fact that those PG members were a bunch of judgmental, misogonistic pieces of scrap. It is clear that there was no reasonable argument to be had with this lot with their pre-conceived notions.

    Honestly, I dont even remember how I ended up in that thread. I tried hard to think back to the time I was browsing PG that day and I just couldn't recall. Annoying. :p
    Read your views in this mind-numbing thread about consensual coitus started in 2013.

    Decided to drop by and express my gratitude for the existence of reasonable beings such as yourself.

    You have my utmost respect, TCG.
    Holy Cheez-Its, that's awesome. That's like infinite syrup for the pancakes, and that's reason enough to make me wanna come over. Freaking love pancakes. And niiiiice. I'm closely following behind in the same field.
    Oh, hey, that's great. What're you studying? And you're the second friend I heard who's gone to study in Canada. Are there, like, actually mooses running around and are the rivers actually made of maple syrup?

    Sorry if that was offensive.
    Ayyy, thanks. And in the toilet; took a long dump.

    Jk jk. Matric and inter happened, and I kinda forgot about all the forums I'd joined. Started playing SF3S on FightCade recently and missed playing with you guys so ye, that's about it. How's life been? o/
    Hey there. It's a-me, Mario!

    Nah, jk. Trying to be alive after like 3 years or so, so just saying hi.
    Because there's this guy I know who claims that you have to love either Skyrim or Fallout.

    So i wanted him to read what you wrote.

    pls find it
    Remember you once wrote a rant about Skyrim.. and wrote everything which is wrong with Skyrim and Bethesda?
    I can't find it.
    Yea the last post there is 5th August -_-. Not many people active on pg now it seems, including me.

    Anyhoo, finally got time to play this and man... Miyazaki is a fucking genius... His absence was heavily felt in ds2 but he's come back with a vengeance... I'm loving this so far... The faster combat is tough to get used to though... I won't even mention what that sonuvabitch Gascoigne did to me... But I'm progressing so that's good
    i know im late to the party (blame work) but is there honestly no fucking bloodborne thread on PG? is everyone dead or what?
    Hey, yeah TuneUp | Fix Mislabeled Song Info, Add Album Art & More

    But you already need to have the file or a recorded audio it just tries identify and label it.

    If give me something to go on I'd be happy to help.
    well once you are done with dark souls 2 let me know i might buy.. oh and i saw you have only 6% left for plat. congrats in advance :).. btw we can make new account and use this 50$ if you want to.. its hard to find rpg fans here :p
    well the reason i asked you is this i am an Jrpg/rpg coop/online games fan and i have good collection of IGC of US and was wondering if you want to trade account so we can get the best of both of regions i think i have 8 to 9months left. also if you are interested in jrpg/rpg games alone i have just bought 50$ card US and there is currently deal on USA psn store for Final Fantasy x/x-2 remaster 19.99$ let me know asap since it will be gone in few days
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