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  • Microsoft Surface Pro Signature Type Cover- Burgundy: Computers & Accessories Microsoft Surface Laptop (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB) - Graphite Gold: Computers & Accessories
    Wsalaam, thank you very much, must be it as it looks the same ... but doesn't have model on it anywhere, thanks again bro :)
    2- The seal isn't quite what I was expecting. None of the three sizes bundled with it are what you'd call ideal. The large one's are too big, the small ones are too small. The medium size is the best fit, but only just. Previously I've used cheap JVC Marshmallows and the fit on them has been sublime. In silicone I bought a cheap panasonic (or sony?) pair off the counter on one of the stores a few years back and they had a really wonderful fit before I lost them.

    My issue is long usage hasn't exactly been comfortable for me. My ears began to hurt a bit after a few hours of use. And the fit is pretty...weird I have to, from time to time, fix it back in place.

    Thinking about getting foam tips for comfort and isolation. Any recommendations? Did you end up getting some for your pair?

    Received my Rock Zircons a few weeks back but I was in Pakistan at that time and the guys misplaced my mail and well, long story short, I finally got my hands on them a few days back.

    A few initial impressions,

    1- I found the sound to be average (relative to expectations). Sound is crisp and clear but the bass isn't as much as I had expected. Understandably, they're not burnt in yet so perhaps I need to give it time. Have any recommendations for this or did you burn yours in naturally?
    Please advise me the best headphones that would provide excellent base qualities like the one of rock zircon , also did you receive your rock zircon from aliexpress ? And if so how was the quality ?
    Oh, and I've been seeing you around a lot more lately. Any plans of returning to Team PG? =P
    Hey! Sorry abotu the delays. I've been super duper busy.

    Yes, I'm in Pakistan right now. Actually I came back a few days ago and I'm leaving again in a week. I don't think I'll be able to shell out the time to visit you and try them out.

    So now that you've burnt them in, what are you impressions about them with respect to the Xiaomi Piston V3. I need to buy a pair for general usage such as songs, movies etc. I do enjoy good bass, but not overpowering bass. If you had to pick one, which one would you?

    I saw your post on Rock Zircon's. From what I recall, you ordered a pair.

    Just wondering, did you get it yet? What are your opinions on it? I'm thinking about buying one but I'm trying to find find hand reviews rather than use the ones already available. They seem promising, I just want to know if they're for me =)
    hi mate can u tell me that can i play fallout 4 on med/high settings on 1080p with a 4th gen i7 8gb ram and gt 750m?

    thx in adv
    Well maybe the shopkeeper's had change the back cover from where i bought but it has written e980 everywhere even if i remove the battery and i have installed several roms even bootscreen is of at&t.
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