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  • yaar i am sending you Germany information ..on visa and stuff i posted it, but this one includes my own personal experiance as well.....i just applied visa on 24th please update your first post, if you deem it right:p
    Hmm :) Enjoy the gaming.

    Plus multiplats on X360 = better than on PS3 as far as I've heard. No first hand experience here though.
    Exclusives on X360? Whats that :p?

    On a serious note:

    HALO series.
    GEOW series.
    Forza series.
    Trials Evolution
    Trials HD
    Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
    Rez HD
    Shadow Complex
    PGR series.

    I will include games that aren't available on PS3, but are available on PC:
    Alan Wake,
    Witcher 2
    Spelunky (I heard its great, but haven't played it).

    Not sure about other games.
    Yeah, It's effing cool :D
    Even with exams I try to find little time just to watch this awesome show
    I just hope DC revives the story of Batman Beyond again.
    well there aren't that many good shows... there is a new green lantern series which has started but i haven't watched it yet... avengers is the only other series that matches the quality of these dc shows... but you watch it i think...
    Finally. The thread does what it was intended to do; wake the mods up. ;)
    Haan chalein ge kisi din lekin this summer I am busy. Might not even attend the PG meetup. But yeah, looking forward to meeting you someday (whenever it comes :p)
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