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  • Friend, not cousin. We had to pick our own topics and get them approved from our Professor.
    I got it from citizen computers in sasi arcade. The card is available at galaxy as well.
    well definatly 7770 is way better then 5770 and gave better performence then 5770 .if u want to buy it then go for it
    Wouldn't it be better if you introduce yourself first and also tell me why you're asking. Anyway i have done my bachelor's in Civil Engineering from Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology
    Bro I won't recommend even the PS3 controllers even though they can work with softwares. Problem is that in every generic controller, the key registration is different. Example, my controller is detected easily in games as an X360 controller. But most buttons are swapped with each other. Like analog key is at the Select button, X is swapped by A. Y is swapped by B. RT is swapped by RB etc.

    Correcting these is a pain in the ass even thru softwares.

    I have a fully functional chinese controller which also has a solid build. But I am still looking for a decently cheap but legit X360 wired controller because its a pain to correct the key bindings. Easily 10-20 minutes lag jaatay hain configuration and hooking process main. Some games are not even supported by X360ce software like Mark OF The Ninja.

    You can buy any generic Chinese controller in the range of 400-600, they will work for 6-10 months I think. But they will be a pain in the ass to configure with every game.
    I have one. It works decently for many games. But in games like Mark Of the Ninja, Dark Souls, etc, configuration of the buttons is reversed and the game gives a lot of issues. I have to use the software X360ce to rectify the problems, but the software doens't work with all games. So for ultimate experience, a legit X360 wired (or wireless + receiver) controller is recommended.
    Yar I personally used WD-40 sprayed on a small piece of cloth.

    Just make sure you work on a wooden table so theres no chance of earth current etc.

    Once your heatsink and processor is clean apply paste and leave it for 2-3 hours.
    No problem. Their are different ways to clean the thermal paste. Nail Polish method is the most extreme one. Use this method, if nothing else works. If you can get isopropyl alcohol, then use it first.
    Here is how: 1. Remove the heatsink; 2. properly clean the older paste on CPU and headsink; 3. apply the new thermal paste on CPU (use pea/dot method); and 4. Install the heatsink. Check this link for guidance: How-To: Properly Apply Thermal Paste and Install a CPU | Maximum PC
    No rocket science dude just put a small dollop on your heatsink and place it gently on your processor so it automatically speards on it. Just make sure not to apply too much of it and wipe off the old dried paste carefully before application.
    reason for selling is I have no use of 500 gb usage is approx..200gb including windows..thats y em selling it..
    Well if you're asking about the art that's on the Tee then nopes it was made by someone on deviantart, I just added a few touches and plastered it over the tees...
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