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  • Hah. It's basically a token of appreciation, of sorts.. You get extra PM space and you can edit and delete shouts etc. Who knows, there might be more perks to come ;)

    It's given to people who are active contributors and are helpful around. :)
    Congrats on the colours :)

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    Yes, i got the linesman, his name is sohail. he says he is the only linesman in township a1 now the other 1 left. he was just here he said there are 2 series 1 urs and 1 3545.. which have fiber but both of them are full with 1 exception from 3545 who dosnt have his bill paid and his number is down so he is going to exchange my number with his port but he tried calling the exchange to swap the ports but they wernt listening to him he was here for around an hr then he said he will go to the exchange and talk to me from there. waiting for his response now.
    Line Coding(Trellis):

    SNR Margin (0.1 dB):

    Attenuation (0.1 dB):

    Output Power (0.1 dBm):

    Attainable Rate (Kbps):
    lol :D what a coincidence..147 here. btw i talked to the exchange i went through 3 people 1 being the linesman and they are "absolutely convinced" that my number is on fiber.. they said they changed the 515 series to fiber but my ping is 200-300ms..im seriously annoyed idk what to do
    Yes, i called that guy aswell, after i read your posts and other ppl. That guy usman ghani, he told me that it would come in 1 or 2 months but the way he said it im not quite sure he knows himself xD but anyways it would be awesome if it does. I play this game: Silkroad Online. They have servers in Europe mostly so i just want a playable ping there atm i have qubee/wi-tribe/ptcl(copper)/ptcl evo wingle 9.3 and all of the pings are above 230ms..btw im on street #3 a1 township, i hope they have fiber connection here any tips or info i need to know when i contact him tmrw? Thanks again.
    are you 100% sure its on fiber? i asked the lineman who installed my line yesterday and he told me there are only 2 extensions ( 3575 and 3595, i think) which are on fiber. I contacted ptcl and they said i have to go to township exchange. I met the guy there and he said he will check it and i should call him on monday. btw my ping on this connected on a (51534456) number is above 200ms. My cousin in Johar town has ptcl 4mb with a ping of 45ms. I just want a good ping.
    Can you tell me what the first 3 digits of your phone line are? And Please tell me your ping aswell. Thanks in advance.
    Im from township a1 sector aswell i read ur posts that ur using ptcl. Can you tell me if your network is on fiber?
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