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Oct 27, 2011
[MENTION=130429]ymailpk[/MENTION] This isn't WhatsApp support, nor is this PTA complaint helpline.

If you didn't like the group, you should have just left.
[MENTION=138104]asaddon[/MENTION] next time instead of feeding the troll, just ignore him and report the post.

Captain Lahore

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Jun 10, 2020
Let Me Introduced ConnecTEL

Connectel is a Internet service provider for Corporate sector only but now they offered a home based internet connection in Just 5000 Rs and Bandwidth is 10 Mbps its just like a dedicated link.

Prices maybe high but Speed & Support is good.

Maybe some users who afford it maybe like ConnecTel.

Contact Number is : 0331 2221725
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