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  • Bro a correction to earlier, Databse is not limited to DB connectivity, it can also include text files/log etc.
    I think you are correct here but also keep in mind that it is upto you which Tier your Application ends up in. So by the end of development, it could have evolved to tier 3 if you want.

    You are developing the architecture so just keep a specific Tier in your mind that fits your application.
    Tier 3 is the standard these days. The problem with thinking about IDM as a Tier 2 is that we don't really know how it works. Only the developer can answer this question. In your case, you are trying to make an IDM like Download Manager but since you are developing it, you should know better of its Tier instead of thinking of IDM.
    Maybe IDM has some sort of integration with its Database, like there is some feature which uses it heavily. It is not just a simple download manager after all. So we can't really put it into a specified tier.

    So my advice to you is to stop focusing on the Tier of IDM and just focus on your application and its Tier.
    Walaikum Salam,
    Yes, i am although not really developing/working on anything right now.
    As for the answer to your question, no, it is not a tier 3 application. There is no interaction with DB involved here. Similarly, IDM is not a Tier 3 application. Hope that answers your question.
    You are right. 1K loss is the right answer. Let me confuse the people for a while.
    sorry mate if i offended you. I said that because VU lectures never worked for me. They're like sleeping pills to me :D
    PC Helpdesk has its own set of rules. You can read them HERE.

    Kindly follow them next time you make a thread in PC Helpdesk.

    These rules apply everywhere in Tech Department. So try to utilize them in other sections as well :)
    Great choice !! (Y)

    Auzentech is awesome. Though at times it is criticized negatively for being a follower of Creative's ideology, I've been a fan of Auzen all along.

    Enjoy the Sennheiser's awesomeness :)
    But I did select Windows 7 64 bit from the list but it showed me that 11.7 is the latest one.

    Khair I'll download this :) Thanks for the link.
    Bro I read that you got an increase in FPS after installing 11.8 Catalyst version for 6950. I tried to find this catalyst version but was unable to find it on amd.com

    Can you help me please?
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