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  • Lol I don't think I'll be sad. Maybe I'll add some activity of my own. I'm surprised you guys don't have a discord channel for PakGamers. Yeah, probably will have to get to know this new crowd. I don't see Syavash or necro, Shary seems to be here still though, lol in NED, good for him.
    Haha I know why I got the ban hammer but it was pretty useless because I had already locked myself out of the account intentionally before that. Yeah, it's been ages.
    I just got back into gaming last September. Built myself a decent gaming rig (i5 4460 + R9 280X). Been playing stuff like Rocket League, NBA 2K16 and stuff. And lol no I haven't noticed because someone made it so that I can't see the forums yet. Asking jshak to fix that. He said he would after coming back from somewhere.
    Han, HW me interest tha hamesha se, isi liye choose kiya yeh field, lekin qasam se bohut mushkil tha. Abh toh almost khtm hogya ha..
    Wah! Masters shuru krdiya. Good yar! meri bhi kab ki graduation hojani thi if I didn't waste around 2 years after fsc.
    Which Promotion BTW?

    i was Promoted to PG Moderator last year, specifically in 2015. :)
    Sorry if I sent you many pm today. I thought the msg wasnt being sent. Im not a frequent user of this site.
    Ok sunny bhai. I have been using HIS ICEQ4 for the past few years. It worked like a charm. But now I need an upgrade. I was thinking of purchasing a Dell Optiplex 9020 i7 4770 3.4, 8gb ram, 500 Gb HDD with 290 watts stock psu (Dell orig). Can I run Gtx 950 or Gtx 960 on this system? I have heard I would need a Sata to 6-pin adapter to connect the VGA. But would the PSU support the VGA card?

    Another option I was thinking was that I have the Dell Precision 390 stock PSU which is about 360 watts. Is it possible that I replace the Optiplex9020 PSU with the Precision 390 PSU?

    Waiting for you advice!!
    Life catches up, sunny. I had high hopes but was let down in many aspects. Won't be holding anything against anyone though.
    I left the Team of my own free will. My activity levels had dropped and I considered it wrong to keep hogging a position.
    pehle to lottery lag gai thi
    cracked win 7 se Win 8 le 15$ ki phir free win 8.1 upgrade or ab suna ha free win 10 for win 8.1 :D
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