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    Suggest a New PSU (power supply unit) under 12K.

    Actually Corsair CX or TX series power supplies are good but are now very expensive than they used to be. You should also visit PG market place for psus because if you are able to find a good psu in new condition, it would be great. Regarding current options, Thermaltake TR2 series is also good...
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    Normal CPU Temp

    how are you checking your temps ? after how much time your readings are like this? if you are getting this reading after like 5-10 minutes without any load on your pc, your readings are too high. if you are in hot evviornment and getting this reading after like full load then your readings are...
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    Suggest a New PSU (power supply unit) under 12K.

    corsair 400w or 450w 80+ psu is more than enough for you. GTX 1050 is not a power hungry gpu and you have a i3 system so you don't really need a bigger psu. if you are looking to upgrade your setup cpu and gpu in future then maybe you can purchase 500-550w good psu. just when you are purchasing...
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    PC Suggestions for a pc under 60-65k

    maybe if you are able to get 6th gen cpu it would be better and more future proof but it will be expensive with ddr4 rams and the mobo will also be expensive.
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    PC Suggestions for a pc under 60-65k

    in 30-35k you can't really purchase a good system which can play 1080p current games even if you install a good gpu but in your budget, the best you can get is get a 4th gen i7 processor in around 16-17k, 8gb ram, 500w (80+) psu and normal casing with atleast some support for bigger gpu and...
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    PC Suggestions for a pc under 60-65k

    purchasing a branded PC would be waste of money. what is your budget for PC only ? excluding your GPU ?
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    PC where i can buy latest 10th gen gaming laptops in lahore ?

    As far as i can tell you, Galaxy Computers, is a good place to buy laptop in Pakistan as they provide you Online order and shipping facility and they also have a outlet in Lahore. Other than that, maybe some members from Lahore can help you out. Btw if you are purchasing a...
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    PC How long does it take newly released GPUs to be available in Pakistan?

    Usually even if official sellers like Galaxy Computers don't bring it to Pakistan, Unofficial sellers import it very quickly after the initial release. usually it take 1-2 months after initial release and availability in the stores. However, these are special conditions during the COVID time...
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    Best internet in my area?

    if you have good connections in PTCL, PTCL is the best service in Pakistan. There is no competition.
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    Best internet in my area?

    Actually internet speed and accuracy depends upon your area. In Pakistan, PTCL is providing internet to all the other companies. Now i personally think that no company is better than ptcl in terms of bandwidth and speed but but sometimes ptcl is so annoying like you are saying. I think you...
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    [Important] Report PakGamers 2.0 Feedback, Issues or Bugs Here (BETA Soft Launch)

    @NaNoW this url "" is not redirecting to pg and is still
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    Screen Flickers on new gaming PC with AMD Radeon RX 570

    return your pc from where you bought it or ask them to replace gpu its look like your gpu is faulty.
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    Screen Flickers on new gaming PC with AMD Radeon RX 570

    you should 1: Update your BIOS 2: Uninstall and Reinstall GPU Drivers 3: Check your cable 4: Monitor temperature of your GPU if everything is done and gpu temps are good then it probably your gpu which is faulty.
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    is this Gaming rig good ?

    This depends on your choices on which you want to play games. You can easily play games on normal resolutions on this PC but for playing games on higher resolutions and settings, believe me nothing is future proof and you can't get a future proof pc in 40k. regarding this pc, XEON processors...
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    MULTI Google Stadia now free to anyone with a Gmail address

    I think stadia will be another failure like Google Glass. idk why google spent too much money in these useless ideas anyway
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