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  • Yeah this is what i was waiting for No idea when they are releasing are they gonna give free upgrade to 8.1 user?
    i had already messed up windows right now i was playing with FILE AND FOLDERS rights and security and things got messed up ever since i cannot open METRO UI apps i tried Refresh or whatever the win 8 has the option didn't help at all
    so i left it like that making clone or ghost aint gonna cut here
    nop i havent installed it yet i feel a time waste :D lots of work after coming from office busy schedule had to goto gym then come back cook food after that the only time left is for BF4 or i will have to sacrifice for a day
    even after installing the SSD it will be big task to Install New OS on 60GB SSD which i think not happening any time soon
    i may move the BF4 to New intel SSD but installing OS is liking moving to 100 yrs back bahut khuwari ha
    you are getting tagged now may be you tried to switch off on the feature it might have fixed the bug
    Others are getting tagged without issue ppl are tagging me If PG has disabled it globally i wouldnt be getting tagged as well
    Me too lol... geo walay toh biased hi bohut hein tbh... Merey ghr TV nhi para, I watch it on my phone using pitv app... Abi kuch din hi huway hein geo dekhtey huway and mujay pata chl gaya ha k kitnay biased hein yeh. especially against imran khan.
    HW ko mey ab zyada nhi dekhta, bus occasionally guru3d read krta rehta hun
    Mey bas lazy... Ab dil hi nhi krta PG pr zyada post krney ka..Uni se summer vacations hein.. bas sept se phir start. Aur sunao, Kab shuru kr rahey ho HW zone ki moderation dobara?...:p
    Mey theek, Allah ka shukr.
    Kya chal raha ha ajkl.. Abi recently dobara active huway ho PG pr if I' not mistaken. Right?
    na mara sale nahi karna :/ laptop par khush ho desktop par nahi betha jata..i might just upgrade the gpu :/ problem solve :D
    yar alienware ko nazar lag gaye hai sli on kar k game rn karon tu screen starts flickering then game gets minimized..single gpu par chalao tu sahi chalti hai kafi search kia online solution nahi ..kuch keh raha hai sli cable me farq hai kohi keh raha hai gpu change karo :/ aur is laptop gpu ki prices tu mashAllah hai
    bas wely man play LoL(league of legends) cod 4 ka kohi tourney nahi hota so woh game miss ki howi hai :/ baqi business me thora bohat in hoon.shahid surprise entry mar loon after 2 months :p ipad air mangwaye hai woh sell karny hai..baqi kuch khas nahi
    haha pg waley yad nahi karty tu me bhi nahi ataa tha :p bas fb fb aur fb :D..sunao kia chal raha hai ?anything new ?
    hello, buddy im so sorry for the delay. Yar finally the pc is working fine now just reinstalled the windows again and it did the trick :D
    buddy i need your help urgently in this matter. I dont why my pro is a lot busy even on idle getting 60 to 65%, is this normal ? as i used to get not more then 10 to 15% on my i3 2120 BTW i have changed my pro now.....
    oh okay, buddy basically i already have an gtx 660ti was thinking to get an R9 270x but when their both perform the same i guess there no need of getting it.....
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