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  • IF you have installed it but it still doesn't work, then download that 300 MB crack by Reloaded and it will work fne.
    Wait. If there are fragments in that torrent, you must use 7zip to open them. Otherwise they will not open. Thats what I heard.
    Yes, it's actually downloading Media Center and other updates. It takes like 40 minutes or so. Let it progress, it means everything is working :)
    Ask abobobilly for a KMS activator .bat file link. He will give it to you. I found a site but it's currently down.
    Who's giving the "product not found" error? The KMS? Make sure you select the right version of Windows in the KMS activator. If you've Window 8 Pro. Select Windows 8 Pro, NOT Windows 8 Pro N.
    Download this file
    Windows 8 KMS Activator (download torrent) - TPB

    Run it. And restart accordingly.
    Do this and tell me if it works. Then I'll tell you what to do next

    Also, do you have the Media Center key?
    I wrote down the steps in the thread but let me write down here for you:

    First of all you have to have a Windows 8 Pro copy activated by a KMS. No hackivator should be used. Now follow the step by step guide:

    1. Right click on the Windows 8 Pro KMS .bat file and click edit.
    2. You will see a written IP there, replace it with "win8kms4.mooo.com" and save the file
    3. Now run the .bat file while connected to the internet.
    4. Voila, you now have Windows 8 Pro activated by KMS, now use the method abobobilly wrote a few pages ago and you will have fully working Windows 8 Pro WMC activated by Microsoft itself.

    Again, remember now other cracks should be installed on your Windows 8 Pro copy or it won't work and your welcome :)
    I'll sum it up:1. Install Windows2. Install KMS which I provided. (When you install it, the watermark will disappear)3. As described earlier, put the key you got in your email where I asked.4. Windows will restart a couple of times and your KMS will be gone again (Watermark will re-appear). Don't worry, this is normal.5. Go to "My Computer" properties again and click "Views Details in Windows Activation".---------I did not have to use step 6 --------6. There will be 2 options "Activate by Phone" and "Activate". Click on "activate". Wait a while and your Windows will be permanently activated.Note: In my case, I just clicked on "View Details in Windows Activation" and my windows activated! And the watermark disappeared automatically. :)
    If you've done it, then go to properties of My Computer and look for "Get more features with a new edition of Windows" written somewhere, click on it. Then select "I already have a serial key". Paste the key and you're all set. Windows will restart 2 or 3 times. Then you're good to go. :)
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