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  • Lol, good to hear from you again. Sure thing, I'll be around for the next week. You want me to reserve it for you?
    Hey man, I was looking for a good C++ book and i came across Robert Lafore's one but its only about OOP aint it? Is there something else dat starts from a more beginner's pov..? And i saw its said OOP in C++ by Robert Lafore ( 4th edition ) so wats this 4th edition? does that mean there are more books written by him for beginners?

    Dat aside my uni will probably teach C first... are the commands different in C and C++ if so i guess i better read C, if there aint much difference ill read C++
    Thanks !! I was also thinking the same, as there will be strict monitoring so no good of selling it infact i'll be in more deep shit :D
    didn't i already? i posted it in the thread. i think nanow copy-pasted that last part by mistake.
    We've got no clues about the perpetrator. We don't even have suspect because the sec(?) with a motive's got a perfect alibi
    DUDE. Nice work on the guide.

    However, edit your post and remove links directing to a Warez Site. Take an alternative approach, using "Keywords for Google Search". For example, you can ask users to "Search for 'XYZ' at Google", or any thing which would yield a similar result which you'd want them to see.

    Your job is just to "inform" them about the method. Let them figure out the rest. If they can't, they can discuss it in the thread and find out. BUT NO LINKS.
    also make sure you take 'in between' pics while doing artwork for all those idiots calling you out as fake..idiots, they cant do it themselves so judge others and assume no one else has should show them your PG thread
    Also you can link PG thread page, deviant art page, etc for people to subscribe to...
    oh yeah..I can see the whole counter going up..Great job..btw it wouldve been epic fun if you had replaced the us flag on the vest with a Pakistani that wouldvs been hilarious
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