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  • Hey
    can you PM me your discord? (i also sent you a request on steam:cutest cartoon). wanted to ask some stuff about S8.

    Hi there can you tell the whole process what version u downloaded of MGS V and what else u installed STEP BY STEP

    I have MGS V repack from FIT GIRL
    and i have V.10 Crack downloaded ( 85 MB )

    What else i need to download and what are the steps ?
    Hey! yeah, I've got Neo V. It's a great phone, given its price. Battery, when full charged, will serve you upto 2 days with heavy use.

    Overall performance is pretty good. Everything goes silky smooth as long as you don't have unoptimized apps running. But for your own sake, DO NOT update it to ICS. Everything will turn upside down when you do. HD video recording lags, HD videos lag, touch becomes choppy, animations become choppy etc. etc. Just stay with stock GB or flash it to a better ROM.
    Right. Back in gaming always feels good, so you are buying MP3? For multiplayer?
    Hey, Congrats on getting Onza, I am using normal 360 Controller with PC, I want to ask is there any noticeable difference between the two while gaming. Response times, accuracy etc.?
    Way to go ! :p

    Those assholes can stuff the money up their asses. Kameenay saalay. Jhootay loog na hoon to.
    So, as it stands, you left that shitty website, with scandalous retards who couldn't keep promises? =D
    good good,so if i just get a quad core it will be fine then but even if i dont its not that big a prob.Thanks a lot bro :)
    bro do u really play BF3 on rig mentioned here? i.e E7500,6790 etc???? how??how does it play? which settings? whats ur normal experiance with it?
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