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  • For the record, red color indicates "A Warning". If a friendly warning isn't cutting out for you, do remind me to offer something which does.

    Thank You
    Allow me to clarify.

    - I referred to 'your statements' becoming dumber. I never attacked you as a person. (Its not often when you see senior members throwing out ... 'strange' statements).

    - Even if i do have a personal clash with you, i would say it on your face rather than bashing you randomly on the basis of that. With that being said, we are grown ups here. We don't do 'personal clashes' anymore.

    - Your reference to PKForum was assumed to be in negative sense, since other people who take me as 'someone from PK Forum' don't have very good things to say. (FYI, $heeda Pastol was my nick just for kicks. My real online name has always been abobobilly wherever i played online)

    Lastly, if you take my 'bashing' to your heart, you can put forward a simple request to STOP. It works wonders, trust me. Regardless, i apologize for any discomfort i may have caused you ... in your good night sleep :p (Yes i am kidding here. Loosen up)
    Just to make myself clear. My username $heeda Pastol is 5-6 years old, mostly during the early days of CoD4 Online. However, i haven't played COD4 online since 2-3 years, but heard rumors that someone else is playing with me name. I have always used my name starting "$"heeda ... because i once saw that person with the name starting from "S". Also, i have never been a Shot Gunner. Either Assault, SMG or mainly Sniper.

    Also, to make your (AlienX's) assumptions clear ... i have never been a member of PKForum, so keep your silly assumptions to yourself, while juding about any person.

    Thank You

    P.S. ** This is sent to both nafu & AlienX **
    Yeah, it was an epic alien. I was watching the newer crappier Ben 10 yesterday and AlienX came again and actually did something big!
    BTW, why is your name AlienX. The only AlienX is know is from Ben 10 Alien Force. Did you get your name from him?
    a well deserved promotion doubt ur posts are getting better and better. enjoy the extreme life now :wink2:

    yar I need some advice from you; Im thinking abt getting one of those USB internet devices... need your advice abt whats the best one for its price. I will be using it mainly for browsing only at office.


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