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  • hi..i want to get my psp's analog changed by some trust able technician..can you help ? give your number bro
    AoA...i want my xbox to be updated to the new lt+..the drive is can i contact you?
    hey dude r u doing mod services, i want to flash my 360 with lt+, how much would it cost?
    Dude... I've actually come up with a very interesting stuff on the net which will allow me to bypass the ap 2.5 check. Its what u guys call softmod :D So I'll just cross my fingers n try it since it appears so easy... I'll come to you if it doesnt work but I hope it does.. so thanks anyways....
    Hey... I once came to you with my dad to get my xbox 360's FW updated. I tried contacting u again but u had given ur number to somebody else. But finally I have found you :) So I was wondering if u are still in the xbox business cuz I want get my xbox updated to that new LT+ FW so that I can play the upcoming games..
    hey incredibulous,
    I m a newbie at pakgamer in terms of posting, i just read your ad somewhere on pak gamers where it says that you offer RROD fix services in Karachi, so the thing is i want my xbox 360 to be fiixed details are as follows:

    1)Its showing 3RROD, has been fixed once long time ago nearly 1.5 years back to be honest and got the problem again after 1 week of repair since then it hasn't been used though i have opened it up myself just to check what repairings were done. ( this was done after the RROD came again) plus i have also tried replacing thermal paste by original intel provided paste still the RROD came back after 1 hour of usage i.e the game froze and on restart red light appeared.

    2)Its a falcon elite model (PAL).

    3) It has been used for less than 30 hours :(, seriously i m such a loser that i wasted my father's hard earned 40K on such a junk and that too for a 30 hour play time.

    My question is can you repair my console?
    Congrats on PG store mate :D

    I hope you make good use of it. And I think you will, because of the demand people have of getting their X360s modded :D
    hello bro i want an arcade stick for my xbox 360 for tekken 6 .... can u help me over this... n how much u gonna charge for this... my contact no. is 0321-9722227
    Hi. Man whats the latest custom firmware released for Psp fat? my psp have firmware version # 3.71 M33-2!! waiting for ur reply?
    yaar i tried calling you but u didn't pick up. I'm furqan i called you yesterday for updating my 360.

    please get back to me 03332171411
    Can you please pm me your location ( Just the area I'll take the details on phone ) I want to get my xbox firmware to be update to accompany the wave 4
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