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  • oh that .. :p .. Well I never really opened up an account then .. Still have to do that :p .. But I tied between HBL and Faysal Bank :p
    Every bank's good .. I personally used Wachovia, but Bank of America is good too .. But I didn't run any PG business while I was in the US ..
    Try THIS page, you could still apply now for the February 2013 intake I guess? Since the date for the September one has passed. Or you may even call them up and ask if they accept applications for September intake right now, you never know they might charge extra processing fees or smth and accept it?
    Sorry was busy and forgot to reply, what exactly do you need help with regarding applying? Which unis to choose or the application procedure? If you're going to apply there, the best would be Nottingham and Monash in my opinion, and there are others like Swinburne and local ones like University Malaya?
    Please, do yourself a huge favour and close that leaking faucet to your brain, you moronic ingrate. Don't act like a common tramp, just because you were proven wrong.
    You know, I am disappointed in you. I considered you a level headed poster. What reason do I have to lie about this? Please tell me. Here are some links for the bones:

    - http://main.uab.edu/show.asp?durki=45647
    - http://www.easterndrugs.com/blog/human-body/facts-about-skeleton-bones

    The sexual prime ones can be found on Shyber's page. You will never find much detail over the net on these topics, because they happen to exist in books. Now you see why I said 21? Bone usually matures in 20, and yes, biologically they are always considered 20 in terms of age, they start to graze at the tips a bit after the full growth. Grinding is a harsh word though, but it was used just for the heck of it. Stop saying that it is class A BS, without searching to counter someone's argments. You behaved in a very immature fashion.
    good that you want to help out, can u get some estimates of how much it would cost to get 5 or 10 chips here. And we want them soon, don't want to drag the process for long.
    Oh sorry I totaly forgot to tell u...I got my PSP's UMD Thingi checked,Laser kharab ho gaya hai...so koi Faida nai hai...Sorry bout that,
    owh ya. we were talking about that back cover and all. yup 10k as i only play UMD not momentarily on ISO
    u can name your price so we could negotiate more
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