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  • at the end it is your item and plz only go ahead if you are 101% stisfied and relax, otherwise you can wait , hopefully you will got a good deal

    meanwhile, i am also looking for some other options, as i got your reply a bit late, so i am not sure that i will necessarily deal with you
    I suppose I'll head down to main KL soon enough, it's only been about 12 days anyway. Yeah, I got one. 0126469893
    Taken 2 was fucking horrible. I haven't gone ANYWHERE man. University district only, seriously need to get out soon. I've been swimming daily
    There's a whole forest right beside my university. I go there for walks sometimes. There's a pool in the university where I've been swimming daily. I've gone to a few malls nearby but I haven't really gone into the city yet. Will do that hopefully when some vacations hit. Is there any public holiday coming up after Eid?
    Wah, tum tou pata nai kub tuk farigh bethey hogay phr. Naheen, mujhay tou pata bhi nai tha yahan Eid hai, room-mates mere bhag gaey phr pata chala :lol: Celebrating Eid with 12 hours of sleep,I guess. I got group assignments with a bunch of Uzbekis who can barely speak English. This is going to be tough -_-
    Yeah, I've been here for about a week now. I met someone called Omar at the airport, he was from Lahore and was headed to your college.
    Time flies by so quick here :/
    Will most probably get my passport in the morning. I booked for Tuesday though, just in case my passport arrives on Monday instead; The agent did say Friday though. Finally, FINALLY, time to go draws near. :D
    mubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarak hoooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wouhi, Sri Lankan Airlines, stops at Colombo then KL. I don't know about the booking fees, I'll ask, The ticket is costing 38,000rs though.
    Received my approval papers, took a total of two days. Good work DHL (y) I've booked for the 16th, final. Visa should be with me before Friday. I guess I'll see you there :D
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