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  • What's with Malaysia and their luxurious, high facility yet low cost condos? o_O A little too good to be true, don't you think? Shaan masala will run out eventually, what then? :mushy: I'm pretty sure we'll get some sort of alternative masalas there too. I've bought all the clothing, shoes and stuff already. However, my trip isn't on the horizon for at least two weeks from now, assuming I even get my approval letter this week. Yours, on the other hand, can be any day now. :D Excitement is off the roof but nervousness and anxiouness far exceeds it.
    One thing I'm worried about is communication with foreigners, there's a very good chance we'd be more adventurous when it comes to hunting big words from our vocabulary - given the English language is somewhat of a challenge for them. :p
    MBBs beta :D And im still a human...even though barely but a human nonetheless. I cant hibernate for that long :p
    Yeah, the whole place is a frickin' greenhouse. I'm living in the university's recommended dorms. It's an apartment complex, 3 rooms in one apartment with a lounge and a kitchen. So that's about 5 flat mates, one of them a roommate. Pool, gym, cafe all available on the premises. It's 250$ a month including food but as we all know, the food will suck ass. :mushy: I've heard travel is a Abuses will lead to ban in this country and the fact that it just keeps on raining.
    In other news, that Malay woman, my guide, is pregnant and on maternity leave. Well wishes to her :D Now I've to email her associates and ask about my status. Kia timing hai janab (sm1)
    karate shoukoushi
    akame ga kiru
    immortal reggis
    phantom king
    rebirth the lunatic taker
    cradle of monsters
    aku no hana
    kami to sengoku
    kanojo wa kanno shousetsuka
    dragon head
    suicide island
    shigurui( the manga version and the continuation of the anime)
    junk,the last hero (there is a scene in this manga which gives it a tragic tag,the scene makes it psychological)
    khool k use krna he tu TI join kar lo and wahan be promote ho jao ya VIP ban jao n bonus ki request kr lo :wink2:

    ya meray account se games le lia karo bcz mujh tu bonus free milta he :D
    It's about 10km outside KL. Not only that, there's about a mile of forest right next to the lake, which is where my condo is. Conveniently located across the street from my university.
    haha yea,started AND finished allready. A lot of good anime ended so i thought they deserved to be in my list ;) Besides if everything goes well,i wont have enough time to update anything in the next 6 years :D
    Will I need to buy one before applying for the Visa? One of the requirements states confirmed airline tickets. Btw, what part of KL is your uni in?
    Well, almost five weeks. :p Nah, they didn't do anything with the camera here. They did have a crap ton of security though. :mushy: Haha, I feel you man. I haven't applied for that long but the wait to leave the country still existed. You can expect your visa any time next week, that's certain though. I'd say Tuesday's your lucky day. :D Waise ticket kitni parri?
    She's one of SEGi's marketing directors, she's back in Malaysia. Camera, what camera? :p Every anarri at the exhibition lined up at her booth because she was a foreign woman. :D Chalo, 3 days ho ya 5 days, you should be flying within a week to Malaysia. :)
    The visa requirements require confirmed airline tickets so I assume I'll have to buy them the instant I am to get my arrival form.
    Man, this wait has been killing me. Mar raha hoon boredom se -___-
    Also, is the only embassy in Islamabad? Do they update you your passport's status i.e whether the visa has been stamped or when it's expected back
    Hahahaha, that malay chick IS my guide. That Sikh had the funniest voice ever. :lol:
    Just guide me through: A) What you wrote on visonixwhatever form, some questions seem confusing like sponsors and all. B)What to send along with the passport and how does one receive it back? Ticket kub khareedoon waise?
    Also, as long as you're not applying through the university itself, you're considered to be applying privately. Else, your institute would have done everything. It's the October Intake, starts on the 22nd.
    Do guide me as what to do once my approval letter does arrive.
    I completely misunderstood your last post, my bad. And no, I was told to pay after I get the arrival form. How long has it been since you applied for the visa? Like I mentioned, my friends got theirs on a monday and got it the next Monday after they applied. I'm assuming you're from ISL yourself?
    This is the process when you apply through an institution. As it says, usually takes 21 working days, not 4 months as in the case of applying privately. Did you literally send your passport to the Malaysians? Never have I heard of something like this. If they stamp it at their airport by law, why would you need to send them your passport, just sounds stupid. Kheir, I still await my approval letter. -_-
    Abay bhai, merey dou dost gaey hain un he papers pe. They got the approval letter, applied here for an entry visa and were off 5 days later :p Kheir, how long does this tcs or whatever process take?
    "Upon arrival at the airport in Malaysia, students have to show their Student Pass approval letter at the immigration check point. A Special Pass will be issued to refer the student to the respective State Immigration Department for issuance of the Student Pass. A visa will also be issued to the student at the entry point in the form of an endorsement on the students valid national Passport.

    The Educational institutions representative will be at the immigration check point to receive and attend to the student. After the immigration clearance, the representative will be responsible to transfer the student to the educational institution for reporting of attendance."
    Also, the universities don't start processing your visa until you get your A2 result. Without the result, your admission isn't confirmed so they won't waste time processing. I'm not sure how this works privately though. Which university btw?
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