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  • yar koi acha ecchi suggest kar yar :/

    i checked many ecchi of this season or recent but all of them like shit :/ i want something serious with pl0o0o0o0o0ot...... you got me na?

    aisa ho rha he k me ecchi se bore ho ja rha hon yar :(
    Lol i know, thats why didnt start yet -_-
    try toukyou kushu, kinda slow at first but it is fucking awesome near the end. Its still ongoing. Its anime started too last week.
    damn, i feel for you man. And ramzan really really sweaty for some reason. What about you? Whats been going on?
    Fuck this motherfucking country dude. They take away porn,ok i can deal with that,they take away youtube,its fucking stupid but fine,but they have NO right to ban hentai sites. These motherfuckers better be ready for some serious shit.
    well i quit after the 3rd chapter,it had just started back then so didnt read that much. You should try witch hunter and sword of the emperor. Second is kind of strange,not your usual manga.
    Read Project arms and team medical dragon altho i quit it after a few chaps back then.
    Also i told you abt kingdom no? Epicness is strong in that one :D Read the entire manga and watched the anime TWICE as its much further then the manga.
    Will give the rest a go.
    Because if you were sexy,you wouldn't get tired and stay in bed for the whole week. Thus, making you ugly.
    Yeah,i really like the android UI. Ios is dull as hell.What will future iphone's have which it currently don't?
    Not offended,it's your opinion,after all. :p
    Agreed. But ios has awesome exclusives game apps which android doesn't have. :/ I'm considering to switching to iphone in the future but the UI is boring. Any suggestion what should i do? Atm I'm using S3.

    Also, Why you hate america? :p
    If your heart is set on one x,then get that. Though i heard it's batteries runs out quickly, is it true?
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