WtS Molten-wow Premium wotlk/Cata Account


May 7, 2014
Islamabad, Quetta
Molten-wow account


You will also get the Email with the account.
All these Characters are in one Account
My Account was made in 2012, it's Premium , it has around 250 votepoints Plus i have donated over 200 euros in it and
it includes these characters on 2 different expansions

On Wotlk Lordaeron Horde Toons

Paladin My main character it has almost 100 days played time and over 5.1k achivement points
6923 Full Bis Pve Retribution
6372 Holy Pve
6377 Protection
6.6 Full Wrathfull Retribution Pvp Gear

Druid - Alt
6.4 Resto
6.3 Feral

Deathknight - Alt
6.3 Unholy
6.2 Blood Tank

-Professions :
-Paladin has Blacksmith with Full TOC/ICC recipes and Jewelcrafting with 70% recipes.
-Deathknight has Alchemy with Tailoring.
-Druid has Enchanting with Tailoring.

-All 3 of the Above Characters have Invincible Reins ,Light of Dawn , Bane of the Fallen King and Halion 25 Heroic achievement.

On Cataclysm Neltharion Allaince Toons

itemlevel 392 Fire Pve

itemlevel 398 Pvp Feral
itemlevel 391 Pve Feral

-Proffessions :
-Mage has Engineering with Tailoring
-Druid has Leatherworking with Enchanting

Images are below :


6.6 Full Wrathfull Retribution Pvp Gear

click on spoiler to view images.

Spoiler: show

6923 Full Bis Pve Retribution
Spoiler: show

6372 Holy Pve
Spoiler: show

6377 Protection
Spoiler: show



6.3k Unholy
Spoiler: show

6269 Blood Tank
Spoiler: show



6375 Resto
Spoiler: show

6316 Feral
Spoiler: show


On Cataclysm Neltharion Allaince Toons :


itemlvl 392 Fire

Spoiler: show


itemlvl 398 Feral Pvp

Spoiler: show

itemlvl 391 Feral Pve
Spoiler: show

Demand : SOLD ,

Payment Method : Paypal - Moneybookers - Easypaisa etc.
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