World-class amusement park opens its doors in Karachi on Eid


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Sep 2, 2009
The 30-acre park near Karachi Central Jail, which once used to be teeming with vegetable and fruit vendors which gave it its colloquial name, Old Sabzi Mandi, is now home to the city’s first international-standard “Askari Amusement Park”, which opens to the public on Eid day.

The park’s managing director, Shafqat Jafri, told The Express Tribune that it features 11 international-level thriller rides that have a strict over-14-year age requirement. “We tried to fill the gap of amusement parks in Pakistan,” he said, adding that after surveying several countries such as Thailand, Dubai and Malaysia, they had established such a park for the people of Karachi.

The machinery in the park, according to Jafri, has been imported from China. On a query regarding safety checks, he said that no officials had visited the park yet as there were no laws governing such rides in the country. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) team, he said, will visit the park in few days.

Askari Amusement Park | Karachi, Pakistan - YouTube
Free Fall Tower | Askari Amusement Park| No Fear While Having Fun - YouTube
Askari amusement park Karachi ,one of the most beautiful amusement parks of the Pakistan, - YouTube


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Aug 11, 2009
You forgot Askari Bank, DHA, Falcon Mall, FWO...... :)
We also had a few Askari governments!
Now only thing remaining is Askari Dams

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lol already aware of bank, insurance, mutual fund, fertilizer, cereals, housing societies, shadi halls, construction but atleast leave something for the business community to look after... now this park thing and cinema as well !

its extremely ridiculous and if you point it then idiots will blame you anti-army or ghaddar...

every country has an army but here the army has an entire country !

Pro-Army but this shit is now getting ridiculous and unacceptable !
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