I need laptop shops suggestion in karachi


Mar 24, 2008
im planning to buy a Laptop, for a family member. he needs for wifi, videos, some rendering, and gaming like Fortnite and for college.
Considering the current situation of our country, the best option is to buy those used imported laptops in the market.
His budget is around 70-90k
if anyone have brought or deal with these used imported laptop plz recommend some shops and seller.

Needs help in choosing a laptop from 8th and 10 the gen in processor i3, i5 and i7 with 8/256 or 16/256,
FHD or above, type c is preferred with other ports, including if possible lan cable port.
battery backup needs at least 3+ hours on wifi , video.

i know about these but little expensive for same model and warranty from saddar or techno market Czone, galaxy and paklap.
have anyone deal with FATTANI COMPUTERS , Pc world, NM traders, Haroon traders etc
the links are refer of the some of the name i mentioned above.
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