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    Kindly follow them next time you make a thread in PC Helpdesk.

    These rules apply everywhere in Tech Department. So try to utilize them in other sections as well :)
    Oh, and try replying back on my wall. It makes it difficult to keep track otherwise.
    Firstly, 'to him, his own'
    Secondly, can't make a video as I'm away from home and wont be back till two-ish months.

    The Dell is miles ahead of Samsung SA. Samsung SA is none but shit, to be fair with it. In the price you pay for it, and for what it's worth, the Dell is cheaper, whilst being much better. Better colours, better contrast ratio, better image quality, better overall performance.
    The Samsung SA display had weird blues that made them look faded purple. No, it's not only with the one I have but also the one which my friend bought some two weeks later, despite my emphasis on getting a Dell instead. The Dell ST is an overall much better and cheaper (8000 cheaper than the Samsung when I bought it) too. I feel like slapping myself 8000 times for not buying two Dell's instead and saving the extra money.

    However, the best display would be undoubtedly a Samsung BX series display. Absolute beauty. I'd get a 22" Samsung BX in more price than a 23.5'' Samsung SA.
    i plan to buy 23inch led monitor, since i dont think the newest model will come before june or july. actual i need to know what did you found the difference in both and if you still have both can you make a video from all angels, and play 1080 and 720p movies and high end games results. as i heard from some siite that dell st2320l is not great and some say same for sasmsung s23a300b. so i am confuse.
    here is the topic i started. if you can post there your review as it will help me as might help others as well
    Well I've used both S24A350 and ST2420L. Same series, one size up.

    What seems to be the issue?
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