[Help] Buying phone online, Need Advice


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Nov 7, 2012
Lahore, Pakistan
Assalam o Aleikum,

I want to buy a brand new phone, so I found this OnePlus 2: http://www.ishopping.pk/oneplus-2-4g-64gb-dual-sim-black-price-in-pakistan.html

I have never bought a brand new phone in a long time and never bought one online. Always went to Hafeez Center in Lahore to buy.

From what I have heard, its a bit hard to find a brand new OnePlus 2 in Hafeez Center. I will visit Hafeez Center and try my luck in finding it. If I don't find one, then ishopping.pk is my other option.

Please tell me if you have had any experience with buying phones online in Pakistan and if you have any experiences with buying phones from ishopping.pk please do share.

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