Glass Panel Heated on PC case.


Sep 7, 2016
So my glass panel heated up due to the heat from my GPU which blows directly onto the side panel. My gpu temps are fine it's just that the one spot on the glass gets especially heated up to around probably 70C or more as a bit of a pocket gets created. Most of the panel remains cool and i don't think it's possible for me to improve airflow to the point where the issue doesn't occur. Any situations? my glass panel already shattered in my hands.
but before i get a replacement. Would like some advice on how to prevent it from getting hot. I have a 3 exhaust fan setup. Don't really have room for any intakes as my radiator is front-mounted.


Captain Danger

Mod-uh-rey-ter on XPC
Jul 8, 2012
Reach out to Corsair and they might just send you a replacement without costing anything.
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