BEST for GAMING? [ Bloody G530 vs G575 ]


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Mar 6, 2011
Hello Pakgamers!
Im DrSargeX and I would like to introduce myself as , Gaming ,related tech and hardware Review has always been my passion for all my life with helping my fellow hardware enthusiastic with my experience esp posting Videos to my YouTube Channel and through other social media accounts of Facebook and Instagram

Today we are going to compare and extract results for most famous budget 7.1 gaming headsets from bloody, G575 vs G530.


Well if we look at construction so both are constructed out of plastic but design where things are different, G575 has triangular ear cups with more comfortable and durable ear pads, While G575 has flying headband style that looks and feel so good!

G575 has fabric braided cable with in line control box, LED backlit can be switch on or off on G575 but it can't be done on G530.
As per sound quality G575 has more balanced sound both in stereo and surround modes! while mic is much more improved with G575.
as per Price, G575 is just 150 Rupees more costly than G530.

So in short Bloody G575 delivers superior comfort and design with sound and mic so it should be preferred.

Watch Complete Video Comparison HERE:
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