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Jan 25, 2010

Hello Fellow PakGamers.

We're striving to bring some new changes to the forum. We are taking new initiatives to value the contribution of our members on the basis of quality and productivity, and to reward those who deserve. A few days ago, [MENTION=4177]NaNoW[/MENTION] and I had a conversation on starting a new competition to benefit the Pakistani Gaming Community.

To achieve that, we are excited to announced The Best Budget Gaming PC Competition. Yes, you heard it right fellas! We have launched a writing competition in which the contribution of members will be admired and rewarded.

The competition itself is very simple, you will need to write up a spec sheet and design a budget Gaming PC for users looking to spend around 50,000/- PKR.
Now, I know there are many hardware gurus on this forum who have suggested high end builds and budget builds to other members, but we'd like you to do it at a higher level, with that, you'll have an opportunity to prove your writing skills as well as your PC/Hardware knowledge to the entire forum.

The selected build will be featured on the homepage of PakGamers.com and will stand as an official recommendation to advice seekers looking to build a budget PC in the mentioned price bracket.
Ultimately, this would be a big achievement for anyone of you who is willing to contribute.

Therefore, members with the best PC and hardware knowledge are invited to get registered and show us what you've got in mind.

How it will work?
[CONTEST] Build A Budget Gaming PC

I appreciate [MENTION=42544]murtaza12[/MENTION] for his hand in an announcement.

Thanks and Good Luck!
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