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  • i might take the laptop ..but i think that the battery is technically dead - no good timings on it --

    2ndly i am in rwp and we can deal only when i physcially get the laptop and check it out ---if u have some one here good --or u can send it to me --trade score is there - this is how i make all my deals --thsi is same way i deal with annosaad even .

    anyway whats the fnf for the laptop ---if u are comforable sending it --fine --if not no issues still -

    payment only when i get the laptop and check it out that it works as specificed and there is no issues with it.

    let me know
    Beo main na kha na mare paper hain to try to under stand and yar slip ir plate to hain kon si tumharay pc ky parts nhi send kiye hain yar...or main na ap ki payment sa phalye batye tha board ki slip mara pass nhi hai..
    You didnt reply,look at your pg score i trusted you coz i thought everything would have been with it including the reciepts. You didnt even dare to tell it.I want them in any case.
    12 march is way to long,its just a 5min work. Its a request kindly do it in 2 or 3 days. Thank you
    Bro you hardly reply and its been almost a week you didnt sent me the reciept and i/o plate.
    Yar I failed to see your demands on the i7 thread and now u have written everywhere reserved, can u tell me the price which u posted for i7 920?
    Hey bro, I have a HIS iCoolerIV HD5750 with 4-5months warranty in very good condition if ur interested. :) Performs about 5-10% slower than HD4870 but it takes alot less power and you get DX11 as well.
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