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  • Hello. I and my husband are A Level students. And we want to pursue our career in Accounting. Went through some thread and learned that you've a vast knowledge of this field. I'm currently living in Saudiarabia. I've some question that I'd like to ask. Hope you'd respond. Pls email me @ [email protected] You may whatsapp me. But it's highly inappropriate to post my number here. I can email you. Plssss reply soon!
    Even I am eligible to apply for Nottingham in its bcom accounting and finance program however I want to know if student especially international student are able to secure employment after graduation
    Motorbikes are pretty expensive, way above 2000RM, probably much more. YES! The terrain is EXTREMELY varied, hilly areas, flat areas, etc. The petrol is much cheaper than Pakistan, that's for damn sure.
    To be honest, it depends on your physical fitness. If you live in a hilly area, you'll need to ride uphill as well and let me tell you first hand that riding uphill is an absolute Abuses will lead to ban. Thankfully, I've played loads of tennis and done my share of weight lifting so my thighs are very well-developed. I'd recommend landing in Malaysia first and then getting a sense of the terrain, only then justify your purchase.
    For me, personally, my bike serves as my main method of transport to my university,my gym, bus stops, and back home. It also provides me with plenty of cardio.
    So, it's a matter of preference if it suits your needs.
    Are you talking about a motorbike or a bicycle? If you're talking about the latter then I can tell you that the cheapest mountain bike you'll find will be for around 350RM. The bigger the frame, the more expensive it gets. I got mine for 450RM, it was downpriced from 590RM for the Christmas sale. As for the roadbikes(slim tires and light frame for faster speed and manoeuvrability) those start from 1500RM.
    dont know....mybe jshak, as his seems to be one of the last replies...but I guess it had served it's purpose...it was just turning into a debate about people's ego..

    I am really sad after reading your post.

    I regard SA as the only place to live. I regard it really highly but after reading that, I am depressed.

    I feel depressed and sick to my stomach. :( Really depressed. I have a friend in SA and he did tell me about 'prostitution' and that it can only happen if you have high contacts. Not like in Pakistan, where anyone can do anything, any time!.

    I feel really depressed. If it was about those western fucks, then I would have ignored and moved on as they are like that. We, Muslims, aren't. I am sad, seriously sad.

    I now feel more upset about this life on earth.
    I cant view the pictures of the htc desire for some reason. Anything you can do to help? And which city are you from btw?
    Yep. Started the course, cleared the first three exams and onto the next three now.

    Yeah, going to stay here.
    I got this message while trying to send you a PM:

    The following errors occurred with your submission
    Syavash has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
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