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  • Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that selling your PM laptop is a bad idea. First of all, it's illegal. Secondly, if your university finds out (and they will), you'll get expelled. Thirdly, I've heard that you have to SHOW that you still have the laptop after you graduate, if you don't, you won't get your degree.
    Fourthly, no one buys PM scheme laptops, it's a bad idea.
    Just saving your skin :) You got it free, might as well give it to your father/mother/brother/sister/relative etc. Most people getting these laptops already have laptops and gaming PCs (including me)
    As per JSHAK your threads are being locked. You are to contact JSHAK directly.
    I've a dremel 3000, although old. (Bought it in something like 2003-04). I've run out of bits and other tips, especially the polishing and buffing discs.

    Any idea if I can find them here, locally? Since the bits go in like a drill bit, I reckon any bits should work.
    You were looking for a dremel type rotary tool. Did you end up finding it etc? Need help finding bits and stuff for dremel. (Or a cheap rotary tool)
    Abuses will lead to ban logo ki kami nhi . shararat kar kay set block bi karwa saktay hai . . .
    To bring out more shine, you can use Glasurit's cutting creme / rubbing compound. It comes in a tube which costs around 800-900. And to wax it, any wax should be able to do the job. If you want it to be cheap then use autoshine or you could use cosmic which is slightly more expensive. Another option is stp's formula one (the original one) though it'll be slightly expensive.
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