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  • Times change, people change. You've never met me in person so what do you know ;)

    Regardless, check PM.
    naah man , not buying accounts, have mine own filled with lots digital purchases .
    u gave a negative TS for a deal that after a lengthy investigation turned out to be ok and fair in the eyes of TeamPG, never bothered to ask any marketplace mod if it was ok to give him a negative TS and now that he has retaliated u want me to wash away all of this?
    let me make one thing clear here. what u have done can easily get u in trouble if the sellers reports ur feedback as unfair. its ur mess and u got urself into it therefore i m NOT going to help u. the negative score will remain as it is to teach u a useful lesson.
    Yes it can, but like I said in my earlier posts that if you have TP-Link Modem + Router which includes Bandwidth Control Feature than consider your problem resolved. Other than that if you are willing to use a software than my dear bro there are many out there, but majority will only work if you have a setup of Server Client Model. In which your Main PC or Laptop would be the server through which you can provide Internet and Local Connectivity and you have to your PC or Laptop turned 24/7 so that others can use Internet since your System will be the server. So I would suggest you to sell your old Modem + Router and get a TP-Link Modem + Router from the market, but before buying kindly search that precise model and then go to the market to buy it.
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