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  • what did u expect from a router that costs a little over 1k...netgear is a good brand u cant compare the likes of netgear/d-link with tp-link/ptcl routers. we would help u but the problem is that there is nothing wrong with the item except it doesn't fulfill ur needs which is not the sellers fault. at least check the specs of items before buying. anyway arguing never helps. i m sure u will be careful with ur purchases in the future.

    and i have opened ur threads
    after going through discussion with other mods...we have decided that there is nothing wrong with the deal. the device is working just as described by the seller plus 150Mbps has nothing to do with range. its a data rate figure not a antenna power measurement. also the one u bought is not a commercial standard product. its designed to work in a small area i.e house or small level office which it is doing perfectly so ur case is dropped.

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    Kindly fix yours.
    We in our own way are dictators in some form or another, don't let the experience of shit heads on the internet ruin your days or that. Chill maar ziada PG ko bhi sar par sawaar na kar ;)
    Group se to mujhe bhi remove kardiya tha, ab khud open dukaan khol kar baitha hai makri...
    Lol Rep rakh yaar koi rep shep nahin :p

    PG ka FB group tabah hogaya LOL, open kardiya and delete karne ka soch raha tha makri, hansi nahin ruk rahi thi...
    Politics har jaga hai, the main reason of PG's downfall is politics + dictatorship of just one individual
    Bro kindly contact me on Skype and I might help you resolving in your problem you shared. My Skype ID is abrar_444.
    Jo lee gaya hai , i have offered him 3 days money back warranty so keeping it till he is fully satisfied :)
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