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  • no i dont have.rarely available.

    but i have demand it backend,if availble know me price.

    so ll update u soon.
    go on psn store.

    plus section

    check current available games to u.if usefull,go ahead.other then leave for next offer

    but if u havnt play

    r & clank all 4 one
    n these r still there with few more good games (free)
    u can get standard 50$ in 5500rs.

    n if want plus card ?(3$+ tex paid) in 5800rs
    no u can use standard card to buy plus.but if ur acc pay TEX on every purchase of psn,then can provide u Plus card too.which already tex paid.u only redeem it for activation of plus.
    yes got it.

    btw mgs hd totally short even abroad.i ll check if can arrange even used for u.
    yes got in morning.but its carton (box) is ripped off badly. n they repack it.

    so y i ll msg me after check all items.
    Yes, of course, you have the right to criticize any game after having played it, as long as you criticize in the appropriate manner.

    As for this incident, you were the first to provoke him with the following post, even though he was actually talking to faraany:


    Later, you also brought up that anti-halo thread. (trust me, it was a joke thread meant to tease usuf lol).

    Besides, faraany deliberately took things wayyyy off-topic with the completely unnecessary 'fruity spartans' remark. It wasn't even a Halo thread to begin with.

    However, I do understand that none of this gives anyone the right to speak against someone else's family, and I assure you that this won't happen again. Everyone has a bad day on the forums. I guess it was his turn.
    Yes, but I noticed the post after the other person i.e. you, had already replied. I did talk to him about it later on via PM, though. This isn't a usual case with him, and I assure you that he isn't pleased with what he said.

    At the same time, I've noticed that some people (in other words, faraany) have developed a habit of baiting him into arguments with anti-Halo posts.
    i ll sell it?

    hmmm.ok u can.but if u hav a good offer surround u,then its more better for u ;)
    other then amaga bhai zindabaad:p
    to b frank,me or every call u mad if u keep ur 360 legit.:mushy:

    hack it now.other then sell it n get ps3.

    its hard to arrange mgs collect on 360.if i arrange.it ll costly then ps3's

    n after play it,u can get even half price back of it.so ps3 is FTW (1)
    100rs :p

    legit u mean?
    it ll 4500rs around if available else where.

    but ps3 ver is 4k below.
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